It protects their body from infection, exposure to toxins and UV rays, and regulates their body temperature.

Just as in humans, the skin and coat of your pet reflect how well your pet is! A healthy coat should be shiny, and skin should be pale and smooth. Oftentimes if the pet shows a dull coat and flaky skin it could be a simple nutritional deficiency that can be alleviated with a higher quality food or fatty acid supplements. Chewing at their feet or rubbing an itchy face may indicate a food allergy. Unfortunately I recently had a client in whose skin showed tiny red bruises all over her body. I showed these to her mom, and sadly it turned out to be a symptom of cancer rapidly growing in her otherwise very healthy-looking body. So next time you’re snuggled up on the couch watching tv with your companion, take a minute to examine her skin and coat so she can be as healthy and happy as she deserves!