So one thing we see a lot in the shop is matting.

Matting of the undercoat, matting of the topcoat, matting with cockleburs in it, matting with bugs in it, there’s never any telling…But the thing is that brushing your dog is more than just to keep her pretty! It’s really about bonding; setting the “pecking order” and making time to physically care for your pet. Ideally you should brush your dog daily starting from when you first bring them home. If you begin when they are just a small puppy you establish a routine and there will not be a battle. If you have a dog who does not want to be brushed however, go slowly and patiently but do NOT give up or give in! It is your responsibility to take care of this animal, he cannot do it himself for he has no thumbs. J This is something that must be done for their good, so they will eventually have to get over it! We are always a bit shocked to hear people say, “well he won’t let me brush him,” bringing in a pitiful dreadlocked little dog with sore skin. Well goodness my daughter doesn’t like her hair brushed either but I’m not letting her walk around with dreadlocks! This page has some great advice on how to go about it. And not only does brushing keep tangles from turning into matting, but it distributes the natural oils in the skin throughout the coat, keeping his coat shiny, and more resistant to dirt and tangles. One other benefit of brushing regularly is that you come to know your dog’s body. You will be much more likely to notice if his joints grow painful, or he has gum stuck in his foot pad, or he has developed an odd growth somewhere. For all of these reasons we urge you to spend time every evening with your dog keeping him well maintained…well LOVED.
Tools: for double coated dogs, a slicker brush, and a steel comb to check and make sure you haven’t missed any tangles
For short-haired dogs, a curry brush
And for long-haired dogs like yorkies and afghans, either a slicker brush or a pin brush, also with a steel comb to find hidden snarls,especially under the armpits, ears, and around the ankles.
If you have more questions about how to do this, watch this, or give us a call at the shop. We also carry slicker brushes for sale in the lobby. Hope you found this helpful; happy brushing!

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